Learn How to Arrange the Three Sacrifices for Qingming Festival in One Minute

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Qingming Festival ancestral worship commonly employs the use of three types of animals, also known as the "Three Sacrifices" as part of the offerings. These include poultry, livestock, and seafood with one type selected from each category to form the "Three Sacrifices". 

The most common combination consists of pork, chicken, and fish. The arrangement of the 'Three Sacrifices' is quite simple and only requires remembering three key points. 

(1) Face the offerings toward the ancestors. Lay down the pork in the middle. 

(2) On the left side, place the whole chicken. On the right side, set out the whole fish. 

(3) Tuck the chicken’s feet inside its body and face its head forward towards the ancestors. The fish should have its tail facing forward towards the ancestors. 

In some regions like Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, it's customary to have the fish head facing the ancestors. 

The above is how you can arrange the Three Sacrifices for Qingming Festival ancestral worship. A friendly reminder, ensure that the offerings for the ancestors are thoroughly cooked.

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