Quick Guide to Joss Paper Used During Qingming Festival


Qingming Festival is an important occasion for Chinese communities to pay respects to their ancestors and remember loved ones who have passed away. During this time, households plan and make arrangements to worship their ancestors. Do you know what kind of joss paper is needed for this occasion?

Generally, the joss paper used for ancestral worship during Qingming Festival is quite simple, such as One Gold, Large and Small Silver, paper money, written charm for passage to the afterlife. 

For those who wish to put in extra effort, they can fold the One Gold and Large and Small Silver into shapes resembling traditional Chinese ingots. For those with the means, additional items like paper-made offerings clothes, or chests can also be prepared.

During tomb-sweeping, it's customary to first pay respects to "Hou Tu" to express gratitude for protecting the ancestors. The joss papers needed to worship "Hou Tu" are also simple, such as Longevity Gold, One Gold and Land Deity Gold all folded into ingot shapes.


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