How to worship during Dumpling Festival?


The dragon boat festival originated in China. Initially, the festival was a day of worship created by an ancient tribe that honoured the dragon totem. Before the spring and autumn period, on the fifth day on the fifth lunar month, it was a custom for the tribe to worship the totem in the form of a dragon boat race.

Eventually, Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet in the state of Chu during the Warring states period committed suicide by wading into the Miluo River while holding a rock. The ruling monarch wanted to pay tribute to his loyalty and patriotism. As such, the dragon boat festival was set as a day to commemorate Qu Yuan. At the same time, some other areas commemorate Wu Zixu, Cao E and etc.

In the modern world, the most common saying is that it’s a day to commemorate Qu Yuan. The folks wrapped rice dumplings and threw it into river to avoid his body to be eaten by fish and shrimp.

For worship ancestor on the dragon boat festival, you have to place an altar in front of the memorial tablet. Then prepare offerings include three kind of cooked meat, fruits, rice dumpling, six types of dishes, three glasses each of tea and liquor and one copy of gold and silver paper.

When the offerings are ready, burn incense and pay homage to your ancestors. When the incense is burnt until a quarter left, you may remove the gold and silver paper on the altar and burn it.

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