Birthday of Manjushri, The Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Kindness

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In Chinese Buddhism, none are more famous than the 'Four Great Bodhisattvas', namely Manjushri, Samantabhadra, Guanyin and Kṣitigarbha. Representing the Bodhisattva who conquers all things with wisdom, Manjushri is the highest of the Four Great Bodhisattvas.

Manjushri serves as Shakyamuni Buddha's left attendant, alongside with Samantabhadra, known collectively as the Three Worthies of Huayan. They are the symbols of 'Great Wisdom' and are known as 'Master of the Buddhas' and 'Mother of the Seven Buddhas' because of their superior virtue and eloquence.

Manjushri is depicted with five topknots, representing the Five Wisdoms and the Five Buddhas, which means that Manjushri is considered to be the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. Manjushri is usually depicted sitting on a golden lion, representing courage and power; sometimes he rides a peacock, representing freedom; and sometimes he sits on a lotus platform, representing purity and immaculacy. The sword Manjushri holds represents the realization of transcendental wisdom that cuts through ignorance and duality, while the lotus flower in his hand symbolizes the noble purity of wisdom and supreme wisdom.

According to folklore, Manjushri is in charge of wisdom, or what is known as academics and promotion, and is believed to make students smart and quick-witted. As modern people attach great importance to education and expect their children to have a bright future, the 4th day of the 4th lunar month is Manjushri's birthday and a good time for students to pay homage to Manjushri.

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