Pray to the Goddess of Birth for a Child and a Healthy Pregnancy

(Image Source: 马六甲天德宫)

ZhuSheng NiangNiang, also known as "The Goddess of Birth", "The Maiden Who Brings Children" and "SongZi NiangNiang", is one of the deities worshipped by women who are infertile after marriage and those who are pregnant to protect their babies.

The statue of ZhuSheng NiangNiang looks dignified and kind, with a rosy face, sitting calmly and holding a large chubby baby, usually holding a book in her left hand and a pen in her right, symbolising that she keeps records of newborn children in each family lineage. 

On the 20th day of the 3rd lunar month, which is the birthday of ZhuSheng NiangNiang, many women praying for children will go to temples where ZhuSheng NiangNiang is enshrined, seeking blessings and good fortune, as well as help in conceiving and giving birth to children. There are not many temples in Malaysia that are dedicated to ZhuSheng NiangNiang, and they are usually found in the side temples.

How to Pray to ZhuSheng NiangNiang for a Child?

The method of praying to ZhuSheng NiangNiang is quite simple. The worshipper must prepare three flowers, a red flower and a white flower, with the red flower representing a daughter, the white flower representing a son, and the colour of the other flower being the worshipper's preference.

The worshipper will offer the flowers to ZhuSheng NiangNiang, burn incense and make their request, burn a piece of gold paper, and then ask ZhuSheng NiangNiang for the flowers. If there is no request for the child's gender, a red flower and a white flower are plucked. If there is a request for a specific gender, for example, if you want a daughter, you should pick two red flowers, and if you want a son, you should pick two white flowers, and you should keep them at the head of your bed in your dormitory for about half a year, and you should not throw them away even if the flowers have withered. 

If the worshipper is pregnant within half a year, she will bury the flowers in the soil of the flowerpot after the baby is born; if she is not pregnant, she will wait half a year before burying the flowers in the soil of the flowerpot and asking ZhuSheng NiangNiang for help again.

Generally, pregnant women are advised to pay gratitude to the ZhuSheng NiangNiang when their babies are one month old; flowers, tea or wine, fruit, rice with oil, sesame oil chicken and moon cakes can be made as offerings to pay homage to ZhuSheng NiangNiang when making a wish. Some women or couples may wish to follow a vegetarian diet for a few days, donate money or offer gold medals as a token of appreciation, but it is important to do this within one's means and sincerity is of the utmost importance.

Praying for children is a popular custom and is recommended for guidance and help without excessive superstition. Infertile couples who wish to have children must still consult a doctor for a physical examination and follow the doctor's recommendations.

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