The Earth Deity's (Tua Pek Kong) Birthday Celebration

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The Fortune and Virtue Deity, also known as the Grand Uncle, is the deity who manages the land commonly referred to as the Earth Deity. Every year, the Earth Deity's birthday celebration falls on the second day of the second lunar month, which is essentially the day he assumed office also known as "Head Teeth".

On this day, believers will visit the temple dedicated to the Earth Deity or any shrine with his statue to offer sacrifices. The best time for worshipping the Earth Deity is between 8am to 4pm.

In the business community, the Three Sacrifices and abundant offerings are prepared to worship the Earth Deity praying for prosperous business and a bountiful revenue in the coming year.

The offerings for worshipping the Earth Deity include fresh flowers, the Three Sacrifices, five types of fruits, three cups of rice wine or water, three bundles of noodles wrapped in red paper, three red turtle cakes and one cake.

In addition, the Three Sacrifices, Thousand-Foot Longevity gold, Small Yao gold, Longevity gold and Five-Colour gold can also be prepared.

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