Lord Guan’s Ascension Day, an auspicious day for ushering in Wealth and Luck

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The 13th day of the first lunar month is the day of Lord Guan's ascension, the term "ascension" refers to the process of deification, meaning that Guan Yu is officially classified as a deity on this day. According to ancient rituals and folklore, worshippers will pay homage to the deities for protection, and temples of Lord Guan around the world will be buzzing with excitement on this day!

The belief in Lord Guan is classified as anthropomorphism, his loyalty, righteousness, courage and bravery have been held in high esteem by future generations since the Three Kingdoms era, making it one of the major themes of novels and operas, and is widely known to the people of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Singapore-Malaysia region, and the most popular novel to the public is the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

Because of his loyalty and righteousness, Lord Guan is also known as the "Deity of Righteousness and Wealth", which means the patron deity of business. Therefore, the 13th day of the first lunar month, the Ascension Day of Lord Guan, is the most effective time for many businessmen, military and police personnels to pray for career advancement; and fortune seekers or candidates seeking academic achievement should definitely not miss this opportunity!

Offerings to worship Lord Guan include: three sacrifices and four fruits, flowers, wine, gold paper such as Life Gold, Harvest Gold, Luck Gold, Five Roads God of Wealth gold paper and so on. In addition, to seek academic achievement, candidates may also prepare offerings such as radish, spring onion, garlic, etc., which symbolize wisdom.

During the worship, the candidates should give their basic personal information such as name and address to Lord Guan, congratulate Lord Guan on his ascension, thank him for his blessings, and then bow to Lord Guan for his blessings and protection such as good luck and prosperity in business for the coming year

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