Creative CNY Mall Decorations to Ring In the Year of the Dragon


With less than a week to go until Chinese New Year, which photogenic shopping malls have you been to? During the festive season, major shopping malls put up festive decorations, and for the Year of the Dragon, many malls have even adopted the dragon theme in their decorations. This year, the most impressive is the Flying Dragon at Sunway Pyramid, while the most unique is the 'Persimmons' theme at Mid Valley City.

Blessings of the Golden Dragon, Bringing Luck and Prosperity

sunway pyramid

The Sunway Pyramid features an opulent dragon palace guarded by an imposing golden dragon, representing the auspicious dragon welcoming spring to celebrate the year of abundance.

pavilion kl

The KL Pavilion features a pair of golden dragons guarding the Pearl of the Orient, brought to life with LED lighting; the auspicious clouds and red lanterns create a striking contrast, enticing shoppers to stop for Instagram-worthy snapshots.


Meanwhile, The Exchange TRX, the city's newest international financial center, is also decorated with dragons. However, with its installation of silk elements, the public was able to explore the importance of silk and the connection between different local cultures through the 'Story of Silk'.

Vintage, Heartfelt Details that Revive Your Childhood New Year

one utama

One Utama is a replica of Pudu Theatre, with details such as old lampposts, brick walkways and benches, allowing the public to immerse themselves in a nostalgic experience of the old days of the 1950s. Nostalgic hotel buildings, antique bicycles, childhood biscuit shops, steamed peanuts and so on. The essence of Nanyang is everywhere, reflecting the prosperity and people of the past!

the garden

The Gardens Shopping Centre is in the same vintage style. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and that's an apt description of the mall's New Year decorations! There are traditional herbal shops, tailor shops, grocery stores, a great-grandmother's house appears on the black-and-white TV, and card photos can be taken in extreme detail.


Few would argue that Mid Valley has the most creative New Year's decorations this year. The theme is 'Harvest Persimmons', which means good luck and a bountiful harvest. It's worth noting that the design also makes good use of the mall's skylight, so as long as the sun is shining, you can see the persimmons glowing in orange and yellow, which is really eye-catching!

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