Year of the Dragon Astrology 2024: An Analysis of Wood Dragon Astrology, Twelve Zodiacs in Period 9 (II)

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It is officially the Period 9 in 2024. Is your luck in for 2024?

Which zodiac sign will be having a year of prosperity and flamboyance in 2024?

Master Suyen Lim will be sharing the 2024 Chinese Astrology forecast based on each zodiac sign’s month for the Wood Dragon year, which is a more accurate method for astrology forecasting.

7, Person born in the month of the Horse (born between 6 June to 5 July)

2024 is a challenging year for those born in the month of the Horse.

Fortunately, there are auspicious stars to help overcome difficult situations and get through them.

Being able to multitask will be the key to success. Females born in the month of the Horse are expected to make significant progress.

Entrepreneurs need to remain vigilant to avoid getting into disputes and lawsuits.

Horses need to remain humble and low key, communicate positively to avoid offending others.

There will be opportunities to accumulate more wealth as long as emotional consumption is avoided.

Master Suyen Lim also advises Horses to tidy up their homes, as well as to carry out the yearly Feng Shui to remove bad luck and protect health and safety.

8, People who born in the month of the Goat (born from 6 July to 5 August)

2024 is a lucky year for people born in the month of the Goat!

Women will be luckier and it is favorable to work with women born in the month of the Horse and Pig.

Those who work in female-related industries will have excellent results.

Moderate exercise and keeping a pleasant mood will help to maintain good physical condition.

Goats should watch out for conflicts with their male relatives.

Master Suyen Lim suggests that male Goats should actively cooperate with women to create a better future.

9, People born in the month of the Monkey (born from 6 August to 6 September)

2024 is a year of resourcefulness and opportunities for those born in the Monkey month.

Making good use of people and teamwork is the key to success for Monkeys. Also be wary of malicious vilification that may cloud judgement.

Monkeys will be having luck in property investment. Be cautious of accounts when working with others to avoid lawsuits.

Monkeys need to improve their self-management to increase competitiveness.

Overall health is stable, but Monkeys have to avoid frequent alcohol consumption.

Master Suyen Lim suggests Monkeys to cut down on social activities to reduce misunderstandings and suspicions.

10, People born in the month of the Rooster (born from 7 September to 6 October)

2024 is an excellent time for people born in the Rooster month to expand their personal connections!

It is a year of the auspicious dragon and phoenix for Roosters to turn misfortune into good fortune even facing setbacks.

There will be a golden period and personal talents will be maximized.

There are female nobles. Networking resources will also expand. Roosters may consider expanding their businesses.

The income is abundant. There may be some fluctuations in the second half of the year.

Master Suyen Lim suggests Roosters to place the Three Wealth Energy Key to enhance overall financial fortune and to dissolve the effects of the wealth-breaking evil star.

Roosters could eliminate blood disasters by scaling or donating blood.

Roosters will become more confident and open to communicate with strangers. But do be careful with strangers.

11, People born in the month of the Dog (born from 7 October to 6 November)

2024 is a crucial time for those born in the month of the Dog to bounce back from challenges.

Dogs are clashing with the Grand Duke (Chong Tai Sui) and may be facing changes in life and fluctuations in their overall fortunes, so they need to be prepared.

There may be ups and downs in their work progress. There may be internal rejection and exclusion; external competition and rumor spreading may increase the challenges.

Controlling expenses is vital. Avoid major investments.

New ways of earning money can be explored to increase sources of income.

Master Suyen Lim suggests placing the Three Fortunes Energy Key in the home to enhance overall financial fortune.

Special attention needs to be paid to heart and lung problems.

Despite the challenges posed by Dragon and Dog’s clash, if Dogs can see beyond the turbulence, they could end up with good wealth.

12, People born in the month of the Pig (born from 7 November to 6 December)

2024 is a year of opportunities and trials for those born in the month of the Pig.

Luck is in the air, but you should remember to "not be proud of your victories", keep a humble mindset, and be kind to others.

Strength is recognized and you are expected to lead your subordinates to create a new situation.

This year is a good opportunity to invest or start a business, but the key is to choose partners carefully.

Be wary of misfortunes and lawsuit problems. Having clean hands is crucial.

At the end of the year, you will have accumulated a considerable amount of savings, but remember to not reveal your wealth.

Master Suyen Lim suggests placing the "Three Fortunes Energy Key" in your home to promote this year's fortune star.

Watch out for gastrointestinal indigestion or diarrhea, and be careful of objects thrown from heights and avoid driving after drinking from March to May.

There is a chance to meet someone you like and start a good relationship.

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