Why Do Malaysians Only Eat Bakwa During Chinese New Year?

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Eating bakwa during the Chinese New Year is a unique tradition in Malaysia and Singapore. Juicy rectangular meat slices marinated with sugar and spices are air-dried and then charcoal-grilled to perfection.During the festive season, it always attracts long queues. Why do Malaysians only eat bakwa during the Chinese New Year?

You've probably heard the stories of your grandparents queuing for bakwa when they were young. In the old days, life was relatively difficult and people only ate meat during the Chinese New Year. Therefore, bakwa became a symbol of extravagance.

When children return home with bakwa during the Chinese New Year, it symbolises abundance and prosperity, and a come back to one's hometown in silken robes.

Modern life is more affluent and bakwa is available year-round. However, it's during the Chinese New Year that bakwa tastes the best because it captures the essence of the festive season and brings back memories.

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