Nanyang Chinese New Year Must Eat: Kuih Kapit

kuih kapit
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Kuih Kapit is one of the essential Lunar New Year cookies for Malaysian Chinese. Sitting with family on small stools in the yard making Kuih Kapit is a cherished childhood memory for many Malaysians. The fragrance of Kuih Kapit being roasted over charcoal permeates the air, filling the entire house with the festive spirit.

Making Kuih Kapit is easy. Let us show you step by step!

Step1: Mix coconut milk, sugar, and eggs until the sugar dissolves. Mix coconut milk, sugar, and eggs until the

sugar dissolves. Gradually add sifted glutinous rice flour and tapioca flour stirring to form a thin batter.

Step 2: Strain the thin batter into a clean container and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Start a charcoal fire. Heat both sides of the Kuih Kapit mould after applying oil.

Step 4: Once the mould is heated, ladle a spoonful of thin batter onto one side of the mould and close it tightly

Step 5: Place the mould over the charcoal fire and scrap off any excess batter from the sides.

Step6: Watch the gap in the mould and remove the Kuih when it turns slightly yellow.

Step 7: Quickly fold the Kuih twice while it's still warm and you have a delicious piece of Kuih Kapit. Ready to enjoy!

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