The Specialty Similar to Kompia: Zheng Dong Bing


Zheng Dong Bing is a different type of Kompia. The difference is, instead of salt, sugar is added in Zheng Dong Bing and it is twice the size of Kompia. 

According to the Fuzhou Prefectural Gazetteer, in the 42nd year of the Jiajing Reign of the Ming Dynasty which is in 1563 when Qi Jiguang, the hero of anti-wokou, led his troops to the East into Fujian region to wipe out the wokou pirates it’s been pouring for days so they couldn’t prepare their meals.

Qi Jiguang then gave an order to bake a kind of small bread that could be strung together with hemp rope to carried along. Later, this small bread became popular and a necessary offering to ancestors and the deities. In remembrance of Qi Jiguang, the bread was named “Jiguang Bing” and to commemorate the action of conquering the East, they called it “Zheng Dong Bing”

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