The delicacy of Fuzhou people in Sitiawan: "Momo bun"


When you come to Sitiawan, I believe there’s a souvenir that everyone will buy the pillow buns. However, there is something very similar to Pillow Buns called “Momo”. Have you heard of it before?

“Momo” is the traditional steamed bun of the Fuzhou Minhou people. It looks quite similar with pillow bun but it’s not filling with any ingredient. Fuzhou Minhou people will spread kaya and butter on “momo” after it done.

In times of scarcity, “momo” buns could appease hunger quickly and conveniently so that the labour could go to work. With the progress of time, Fuzhou people started to add different flavors to the buns.

At first, they sprinkled them with sugar. Later on, it becomes the typical Nanyang’s flavor which is spreading butter and kaya on it. This is a combination of native craftmanship and local flavors that becomes a delicacy of the Fuzhou people in Malaysia.

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