【Our Native Land】Kwong Siew People - Dare To Be The First, Open and Campatible

原乡柔情 广肇人

The Kwong Siew people of Johor initiated in many fields. They are the first amongst the Chinese ancestors in Johor to set up a clan association and funeral parlor, as well as establishing the first new-style education academy in the Johor Chinese community. In addition to this, the first Lion Dance Troupe in Johor was also established by the Kwong Siew people. Today, the Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery houses many valuable artefacts that record the lives of the Kwong Siew people’s ancestors in this part of the world for more than a century. In the old neighborhood of Johor Bahru, there are still at least four goldsmith shops operated by the Kwong Siew people. Let's listen to the story of Kwong Lee Soon Kee and explore how the delicate and superb artisanal skills can be carried on in the new era.

#万富 #继承传统

【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo
Our Native Land: Perak 3 mins

【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo

The cultural programme "Our Native Land Season 2 - Perak", which will be officially launched on Monday, 4 March 2024.