【Our Native Land】Hainan People - Wisdom From Late Arrivals

原乡柔情 海南人

I believe that the general public is familiar with Hainanese coffee and bread, Hainanese chicken steak and other cuisines. But did you know that the Hainanese food nowadays was created by Hainanese people after they moved to Nanyang, combining their life experiences with the taste of the local people. This episode of Our Native Land will introduce you to a lesser-known Hainanese dish that has been passed down from generation to generation and brought over by the Hainanese people from their homeland -- the Hainanese "Lap".

#万富 #继承传统

【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo
Our Native Land: Perak 3 mins

【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo

The cultural programme "Our Native Land Season 2 - Perak", which will be officially launched on Monday, 4 March 2024.