【Our Native Land】Hokkien People - No Pain, No Gain?


Most of the Hokkien people who came to Malaya in the 19th and early 20th centuries to make a living were more inclined to engage in commercial activities than ancestors of other dialect groups. Was it because of the natural tendency to be meticulous with money? Or was it because of historical factors? There is an old saying that Cantonese businessmen rely on ideas, Shanghai businessmen rely on methods and Hokkien businessmen rely on means. Is it the truth? Let us step through Johor Bahru to Muar and learn more about the migration and settlement of the local Chinese!

#万富 #继承传统

The City Built of Tin: Ipoh
Our Native Land: Perak 10 mins

The City Built of Tin: Ipoh

Ipoh's geographical location has made it a place of great food and scenery, but what do we know about the equally fascinating history and culture?