【Our Native Land】Hakka People - The Home of Hakka People in a Foreign Place

Hakka people - treat guests as home and live in a foreign land

There is an important saying in the Hakka's ancestral motto, "It is better to sell the ancestors' land than to forget their advice". The Hakka tradition is to "farm in the mountains", which means that the fields in the mountains are important. But they would rather sell their ancestral fields than forget the advice their ancestors left them. On this episode, we will take you on a journey to the Hakka's general cemetery to trace the origin of the Hakka people and learn about the special characteristics of their distribution. We will also have a meal of zesty Hakka Leicha, Hakka Cai Kuih and stuffed tofu, savouring the Hakka people's heritage of spirit.


【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo
Our Native Land: Perak 3 mins

【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo

The cultural programme "Our Native Land Season 2 - Perak", which will be officially launched on Monday, 4 March 2024.