【Our Native Land】Teochew People - Johor Bahru Little Swatow

Chaozhou native—Little Shantou Xinshan

Teochew people have several specialities in their eating habits, among which are the Teochew Porridge(congee), marinades, and seafood, which is the most important element for the Teochew people. The Teochew people excel at cooking seafood dishes as their native land is rich in aquatic products. What is the current development of Teochew cuisine around the world? As fancy Teochew cuisine is gradually becoming more sophisticated, what other signature dishes can you get in Malaysia? The exploration of Teochew flavours continues on Our Native Land!


【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo
Our Native Land: Perak 3 mins

【Our Native Land】Perak Stories: Promo

The cultural programme "Our Native Land Season 2 - Perak", which will be officially launched on Monday, 4 March 2024.