【Our Native Land | Perak】Lenggong Valley, The Hidden Ruins


There are two areas in peninsular Malaysia where there is a particular concentration of Guangxi people, one is Bentong in Pahang, the other is Lenggong in Perak. Just over an hour's drive north of Ipoh is the town of Lenggong in Upper Perak. In the last century, Lenggong was known as "Little Yangon" and the tobacco produced here was of the same high quality as that produced in Myanmar, a major tobacco country.

In those days, tobacco was grown in many towns along the route from Kuala Kangsar, the royal town of Perak, to the Malaysian-Thai border. The Upper Perak Tobacco Road was also a route opened up by the ancestors from Guangxi. The Guangxi people carved out their own niche as they ventured into the remote mountainous areas.

Millions of years ago, prehistory left its mark on Lenggong, and on 30 June 2012, the Lenggong Valley was inscribed on the World Heritage List. Host Owen Yap, accompanied by a local guide, searches for secluded scenery, a mystery hunt, off-roading and archaeology! What is the status of the Lenggong Valley World Heritage Site? Is it well maintained?

People in Guangxi usually live in mountainous areas, so they have less opportunity to eat seafood, but Lenggong is famous for its rich freshwater fish! Guangxi people have developed a unique taste of Guangxi. Let’s learn how to make the auspicious Three Treasures of Guangxi!

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