【Our Native Land | Perak】The Teochews Who Live By The Sea


There are two places in Perak where the Ma surname is particularly common, and they have one thing in common: they are all Teochew, having migrated south from the same original homeland in China. One is in Pulau Pangkor and the other in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping. Kuala Sepetang is also known as the Ma's Village and there are many Ma families in the neighborhood.

As far as the Teochew are concerned, they are not a minority in the Malaysian Chinese community. If you look up the information, you will find that the Federated Teochew Associations of Malaysia has a total of 58 affiliates in the 13 states of Malaysia, which in addition to the Teochew Association, there are a lot of them under the name of Han Jiang Association, and most of them are in northern Malaysia. Here comes the story between Chaozhou and Han Yu about Han Jiang. Han Yu planted the seeds of culture and education in the hearts of the people in Chaozhou, so that the Chaozhou people who came to Nanyang remembered the spirit of honoring and respecting teachers.

In Kuala Sepetang, you should also visit a craftsman who has been making handmade Dragon Incense for more than 40 years. The process of making the incense is complicated and time-consuming, but the craftsman still enjoys it and passes it on to the next generation.

In this episode, Our Native Land visits a house by the sea to see how a coastal family in Kuala Sepetang prepares Sugarcane-smoked Duck. This traditional dish has transcended the boundaries of its origin, with Teochew people from Taiping to Bukit Mertajam ordering it for festivals and celebrations.

Generally speaking, Ipoh, the capital of Perak, is home to a large number of Cantonese and Hakka people, while in North Perak, there are more Hokkien and Teochew people. This environment of mixed origins has resulted in some interesting combinations. One of Ipoh's famous cuisines, Hor Hee, turned out to be the result of a beautiful misunderstanding!

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