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There are two places generally associated with Fuzhou people in Malaysia: Sibu in East Malaysia and Sitiawan in West Malaysia; the former is known as New Fuzhou and the latter is known as Little Fuzhou. In West Malaysia, no matter which town you go to, Fuzhou people will generally say "My hometown is in Sitiawan". Sitiawan is the birthplace of the Fuzhou people in West Malaysia.

More than 120 years ago, under the leadership of three pastors, a new chapter in Sitiawan's history began. Today, the church and Chinese associations in Sitiawan join hands to organize the Double Nine Festival every year to remember and give thanks to the pioneers of Sitiawan in those days.

Among the ten counties in Fuzhou, there is a place called Fuqing. And in Manjung, Perak, there is a place called Fuqingyang (Kampung Cina) where most of the residents are Fuqing. It is interesting that the local landmark is a cannon, but why? In recent years, there has been a new cultural tourist attraction near Fuqingyang – the Pin Xian Ci Tua Pek Gong Temple, which houses the tallest Tua Pek Gong statue in the country, a statue of Ksitigarbha, the Laughing Buddha, the God of Wealth, the Bagua Pavilion and more. The traditional crafts of the Fuqing people also include the making of Fuzhou Misua.

At the end of the trip, of course, there was time for some souvenir shopping. Everyone thinks of the Pillow Buns and Kompia, right? But what Our Native Land would like to introduce you to are the Momo Buns and Zheng Dong Bing. What are the stories behind these traditional Fuzhou delicacies?

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Our Native Land: Perak 3 mins

【Our Native Land | Perak】The Teochews Who Live By The Sea

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