【Our Native Land | Perak】The City Built of Tin: Ipoh (Paloh)


Ipoh has several nicknames, the city surrounded by mountains, the city built of tin and some elders call it Paloh. Its geographical location has various features that contribute to the scenic beauty of Ipoh.

When looking for traces of Ipoh's origins, the Hakka and Cantonese people must be mentioned. Where does the saying "Hakka opened the port, Cantonese developed it" come from?

Join host Owen Yap as he explores Ipoh's past and present, starting with a visit to the Paloh Khoo Miu Temple on the banks of the Kinta River at Ipoh Old Town.

The more famous mining families were all Hakka, who contributed much to the development of Ipoh by giving back to the community after making their fortunes. There is a museum, Han Chin Pet Soo, near Concubine Lane, which gives you a better understanding of how the Hakka miners lived during the heyday of tin mining.

Apart from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh has the largest concentration of Cantonese in the country. Today, Ipoh is a place where people come for the food, and the culinary heritage of the Cantonese people certainly plays a catalytic role.

When you come to Ipoh, “one pot of tea and two dishes” is one of the designated itineraries.

Ipoh's famous Liu Bao aged black tea has attracted tea lovers from far and wide. Liu Bao tea culture originated from Liu Bao town in Cangwu County, located in Wuzhou city, Guangxi China. How did it take root and spread in Ipoh and make Liu Bao tea an essential health tea at home?

It is a habit and a culture for Cantonese people to go to restaurants to eat dim sum. How did it all start in Guangzhou? How do you get to taste the best and most original Cantonese dim sum?

Eating, drinking and having fun are important in Ipoh, but the history and culture behind the scenery and food is just as worth exploring and documenting.

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