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According to Taoist and Buddhist beliefs, consecration is also known as "opening the eyes (kai yan)" or "opening the eyes of light (kai guang yan)". It is generally believed that the ceremony of consecration can transform the statues of deities from profane artefacts into spiritual and sacred statues, and therefore the statues can have boundless magical power and play a miraculous role in warding off evil spirits and demons, eliminating calamities, dispelling illnesses and bringing good fortune.

On the 9th day of the first lunar month, a master was invited to conduct a solemn and simple ceremony of consecration and prayer so that the deceased souls who will live here in the future may be blessed by the Buddha and have peace and prosperity in the universe.

In the interview after the ceremony, the Master said that all the statues of the deities worshipped must be consecrated and have their eyes 'opened'. The ceremony is usually held at an auspicious time and a Taoist priest or master is invited to perform the consecration ceremony. In general, the ceremony can be performed by a Taoist priest or Buddhist master.


The master also reminded that the statues that are yet to be consecrated must have their faces covered with red cloth, red boxes or red paper to prevent evil spirits from entering. Then the master in charge of conservation and dotting the eyes will perform the ceremony of inviting the deities.

When asked about the difference between the consecration of residential statues and temple statues of deities, he pointed out that the biggest difference is that residential statues are mostly based on a simple process of inviting the deities and dotting the eyes, while temple statues also have a ritual of "conscription", which means inviting the army of deities to increase the sacred power to protect and bless the people.

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