How to fill in Ancestral Worship Seal for Qing Ming?


During the Qingming Festival, many people are preparing by buying offerings for their ancestors. Among the gifts are offering chests. So how can we make sure that our ancestors receive our gifts?

When we shop online, the parcel that's being shipped out must have the recipient’s details. Similarly, the offering chests that we buy for our ancestors are no exception. The form that we need to fill up the recipient's details with is commonly known as the "ancestral worship seal".

Filling it in is simple enough. It's divided into three main sections. The worldly address (of the sender), the underworld address (for the deceased) and the date of the day of worship.

The worldly address must include the identity of the sender. For example, "From your filial grandchildren of the He Family.“

In the underworld address, you need to write down the full name of the deceased. For example, “To my honourable ancestor, Li Xiaoming.”

The date of worship must be written according to the lunar calendar. For example, “Leap (year) 2 (month) 15 (day).”

Note that the seal of the offering chest must be filled in with black ink. After filling in the seal, follow the direction of left for male and right for female to determine the direction of pasting the seal.

For a male' s offering chest: Paste it from left to right. For a female' s offering chest: Paste it from right to left.

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