The Burial Culture of the Fuzhou People


The deceased are usually “buried and at rest” but the Fuzhou people have a tradition of above ground burial. 

At Manjung Chung Hua Association Cemetery, Sitiawan there are Fuzhou tombs which are built above the ground. The coffins are only partially buried in the ground or not buried at all. Those coffins on the ground are built with concrete walls. That’s the reason why Fuzhou tombs are built tall and big.

Manjung Chung Hua Association President Zhao Shan Ping says, "because all of us followed the pastors to this place And they are influenced by the UK. If you look at the tombs You can see there are tombs which are built square Those are influnced by the UK And then in the later period when they went back to China for an expedition they referred to the ancient Chinese tombs which are different with the modern ones It is more oval in the back and taller That’s how it is."

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Hakka Traditional Funeral Ritual: “Breaking the Hell’s Gate”
Taoism 3 mins

Hakka Traditional Funeral Ritual: “Breaking the Hell’s Gate”

The ritual usually takes place on the day after the funeral. It is also one of the major rituals of the Yulanpen Festival.