What is the importance of Yin House Feng Shui? How does it affect future generations?


A Yin House is the final resting place for deceased ancestors and the place where caskets are buried. After the deceased are buried, Zhen Qi will combine with Xue Qi to form Vitality. The Vitality will be prevalent underground, and when it grows and moves, it will nourish all things. That is why it is important to find a Yin House with Vitality, so that the combination of Vitality and immortal Yin and Yang can protect the living loved ones.

The Yin House is also related to wealth and population of descendants. Ancient people believed that a burial spot with excellent Feng Shui would bring good fortune to their descendants. Contrary to it, if the Feng Shui is not adequate, the descendants will be impacted negatively.

Yin and Yang is the balance of everything in this world. One cannot exist without the other, and the living are labeled as Yang while the deceased as Yin. The bones are substances, and substances are indestructible and have a definite amount of energy. The energy of substances is able to emit information that is received by its identical genetic substances.

Therefore, children and elders share the same bloodline and frequency which allow them to transmit, sense and communicate with each other. The human body then produces a series of physical and chemical reactions.

If the burial spots have excellent Feng Shui, such as surrounded by mountains and water features, located at the accurate Meridian Spots and with large cemetery spaces, then the ancestors will send out positive frequencies and electromagnetic waves, which will be received by their living descendants and benefit them in both physical and mental wellbeing.

If the Feng Shui is atrocious, there is no Dragon or Meridian Spot, or with poor and adverse natural environments or dangerous and chaotic places, the ancestors will send out negative electromagnetic waves and messages. When the descendants receive it and react to it, it will have a series of negative impacts, destroying the wellbeing both physically and mentally. Then the living descendants will have hard livelihood, decrease of population in the family, and suffer from disasters.

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